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Palestra - Analytical Ultracentrifugation

O quê Seminário
Quando 2009-11-16
de 16:30 até 17:30
Onde DEQ - Anfiteatro Nobre
Nome do Contacto M. Graça Rasteiro
Email do Contacto
Telefone do Contacto 239798700
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A powerful tool to characterize and study polymers, biopolymers, polyelectrolytes, nanoparticles, dispersions and other colloidal systems.

Palestra: Analytical ultracentrifugation – a powerful tool to characterize and study polymers, biopolymers, polyelectrolytes, nanoparticles, dispersions and other colloidal systems

Orador: Christine Wandrey, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

This year, the scientific community has celebrated the 125th birthday of The (Theodor) Svedberg the “father” and technical designer of the analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC), who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry ”for his work on disperse systems” in 1926. His research created the basis for our modern analytical ultracentrifugation. AUC is a primary technique requiring no standards. However, only now, with the availability of advanced microelectronics and high-performance computers, we start attaining the ability to use the full potential of this powerful technique. It is no longer restricted to the initially intended applications.

After a brief general introduction to the principles and the underlying theory, selected examples will demonstrate the power of AUC. It is not limited to the determination of molar masses and molar mass distributions but also applicable to describe solution state properties, to identify molecular assemblies, to analyze derivatives of macromolecules, to study stability and homogeneity of complicated high molar mass compounds, and even to follow reaction kinetics and structure formation. The examples will include the characterization of polyelectrolytes, the study of the solution behavior of poly(vinyl alcohol) grafted with charged monomers, the characterization of dextran-protein conjugates, the analysis of associating multi-component systems of very high molar mass, the pre-association and temperature-dependent size distribution of temperature-responsive polymers and the proof of the formation of mixed micelles. All these experiments have been performed in an AUC ProteomeLab XL-I equipped with two optical systems, scanning UV/Vis absorbance optics and interference optics.

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